2 of Pentacles

card back

You are currently juggling your priorities, roles and responsibilities. This card tells you are doing an excellent job of balancing these different priorities, and you can take on whatever life throws at you; but this Two reminds you that the line between coping with these demands and losing control is thin. You need to manage your time, energy and resources carefully so you do not lose your balance.

The Two of Pentacles often appears when you are busy, rushing from one thing to the next, with little downtime in between. You may tell yourself that you haven‘t got enough time or you’re in a rush. However, remember that you don’t have to be busy to get things done. Sometimes taking a break is the most productive thing you can do.

Ask yourself: What life do I want? And how can I reorganize my schedule to create the life I desire?

You are advised to manage your time and your priorities carefully. Your workload is high right now, and to get everything done, you need to stay focused and productive.

Make a to do list or plan everything in advance, this will help you to manage things efficiently.



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