9 of Swords

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Dark thoughts and disturbing feelings are weighing you down and keeping you up at night. You are worrying excessively about a situation, and your negative thoughts are taking too much of your energy, leaving you stressed and anxious. The more you associate with your fears, the more they will rule your life. As you obsess over what’s not working, the more anxious you become and the more you will worry. It becomes a negative cycle where one awful thought leads to another, and another, and another until they overwhelm you.

As you obsess over what may go wrong, you are more likely to manifest your worst-case scenario because you are inadvertently acting in ways that support your negative thoughts.

When you are repeating negative thoughts in your mind, you run the risk of manifesting them in your life. It’s time to break the cycle. Every time a negative emotion comes up, replace it with a positive one instead.

It is time to examine your situation from a new perspective. Instead of looking for evidence of what is going wrong, put your attention on what is going right. Take a deep breath and realize that life is not as dreadful as it seems and that the more you worry, the more harm you are doing to yourself.



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