3 of Pentacles

card back

As you implement your plans, you will realize that you have the skills, capabilities and resources you need to accomplish your objectives. See the Three of Pentacles as an encouragement that you are on the right track. You are competent at what you do, and you are making progress. Keep going! Adequate preparation, management and organisation are also integral components of the Three of Pentacles. Achieving significant goals, such as building a grand cathedral, requires detailed planning. This card, therefore, tells you to create a comprehensive plan and to follow a schedule. Now is when good project management will pay off.

You know what you want to create; you’ve laid out the plans, gathered your resources (money, people and time), and set to work – you may have already reached your first significant milestone. Of course, you are nowhere near the finish line just yet, but you have got the ball rolling and are making things happen.



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