Client Testimonials

Ankita Pati

The last line was exactly someone I was searching for di .

thank you so very much

ye toh mera kaccha chittha khul gya type reading hai.


I have gone through completely It’s 200% truth seriously I am shocked about the reading
How ur deciding the numbers for me
Seriously I loved ur reading I am become a great fan of you


I’m amazed seeing how accurate your reading is. It resonates 100 percent to me and my situation. Now I am stuck with so many things and I overthink alot about the consequences rather than focusing in the present. I will practice grounding for sure. Thank you so much Anusriya

Abhipsa Das

Oh my god
The reading was next to accurate
Everything you said was so damn trucee
It was such a pleasure that you took some time for me


Hie Anusriya Ma’am, 1 am so grateful to you for doing this reading for me. Each and every word resonated with my situation.

Yes I am waiting for my marriage which keeps on postponing since may. And I am stressed out 1 am clinging to my past alot I am not able to release.

My marriage is on Dec 9th but  i am still stuck in my past. I am not able to be over him. Thats hurting a lot. But I want to And what surprises me is my marriage is a love marriage but why all of a sudden my past is
coming back.

Priya Goyal

di apne jo bhi likha its 100% true… i doubt my self my work.

I m creative but restrictions don’t let me do everything.

M trying trying and trying and I will keep trying until I reach my goals.

thank you so much di


This is so connecting !! You are incredibly talented and gifted…

I am sure you will go what ahead in this ..

I see you putting in so much of effort in everything you do …. all my best and good wishes

Shalini Panda

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Anu ….

I don’t know if you remember in one of the tarot card reading session you told me for my job it will occur with 1-2

And it happened I got my job with a handsome salary

Roshni Pradhan

Hi Anusriya…. Thanks for doing pick a pile. Firstly I was drawn to pile number 2 and the readings that came out were 100% resonated.

And when before starting the reading you said to close the eyes and see which piles comes up so 3rd one came up nd
it also 90% got resonated.

Thank you so much



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