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“Mystic Waves Tarot” founded by ANU JHA in 2020, is a holistic space where she try to help people understand their situation better and choose right path through her intuitive Tarot Readings.

Anu is a psychic and intuitive tarot reader and polishing her skills further to help mankind and fulfill her mission on this planet.

“Mystic Waves Tarot”also provides Professional Astrology & Numerology guidance to understand one’s life situation & provide solution based on astrology.

Anu’s S T O R Y-

In Spirituality, there’s a saying: You have to burn yourself, before diving into the calmness of spirituality.

I have always been sensitive to energies and would always feel as I am surrounded by some unseen beings. However my mind would always reject this thought….b’coz it wasn’t logical and I never believed anything that wasn’t backed up by science. 

However, universe had a different plan for me.

In the language of TAROT, we say “A soul has to go through the dark night of the soul phase before it finds it’s soul purpose” And I had to go through the same.

I was put into test. My life was shattered. I faced huge business loss, Chronic illness, Financial crisis and many other problems to add on.

I was going through my tower moment but you know, when we leave our ego & give charge of our  life to universe and surrender…. That is the moment when we find our soul purpose. That’s the moment miracle starts to happen.

I started tarot reading just to pass my time and distract myself from the problems of life. However, I found my calling in Tarot Reading and I continued doing it with an intention to help people.

I read Tarot cards following my intuitions and the message I channeled from my Ascended Masters. I have helped more than 200 people till now and my only vision is to help people find their right path and live their life peacefully spreading only light on this planet.

PLEASE NOTE :  Tarot Readings aren’t future telling tool. A tarot reader reads the current energies of a person and predict upcoming events with the help of Tarot cards. You always have a free will to cancel any negativity from your life and work for the kind of future you want. Please take tarot readings as guidance purpose only.



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